midcat - Concatenate MIDI file(s) to standard output


midcat [options] [file ...]


midcat concatenates MIDI file(s) to standard output.


-d, --debug
Show debugging info (cumulative).

-h, --help
Displays this help text and exits.

-k NUM, --key=NUM
Transposes NUMBER half-tones.

-m, --man
Prints the manual page and exits.

-o FILE, --outfile=FILE
Direct output to file.

-p FILE, --png=FILE
Draw PNG from output.

-r NUM, --resolution=NUM
Sets resolution; default is the least common multiple from the input files.

-t NUM, --tempo=NUM
Sets tempo.

-u type=value, --unmechanize type=value
Humanize track. Used as many times as there are values to pass. Each of these options will tweak the note events in a controlled random fashion. Types are:
Change velocity, allowing max range deviation from the input.

-w NUM, --width=NUM
Width of the PNG file (use with -p).

-v, --version
Output version information and exit.


MIDI, Getopt::Long, Pod::Usage


Written by Patrice Levesque.


Report bugs to <>.

Forcing resolution with -r invites rounding errors; the underlying algorithm is not bright enough to circumvent this.

Transposing affects all channels except channel 10 (usually drums); if percussion is on another channel songs can take a whole other perspective.


midcat comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY and midcat may be copied only under the terms of the GNU General Public License, which may be found in the midcat distribution.