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Mitch vient de m'envoyer ceci, ça mérite publication ici:,39023769,39168647,00.htm

Il s'agit de détails croustillants sur comment Google fonctionne,
extrait juste pour vous faire saliver:

The numbers alone are enough to make your eyes water.

# Over four billion Web pages, each an average of 10KB, all fully indexed.
# Up to 2,000 PCs in a cluster.
# Over 30 clusters.
# 104 interface languages including Klingon and Tagalog.
# One petabyte of data in a cluster -- so much that hard disk error rates of 10-15 begin
to be a real issue.
# Sustained transfer rates of 2Gbps in a cluster.
# An expectation that two machines will fail every day in each of the larger clusters.
# No complete system failure since February 2000.

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