Mes découvertes

  • Canada
  • Alpine
J'ai fait des recherches sur le web, ça m'arrive, et je suis tombé sur des
choses dont je dois vous parler.

1- BASH Cures Cancer

2- Poetic License
The Poetic License is both a poem and a permissive BSD-styled license,
originally based on the text of the MIT and ISC licenses. The two-clauses
follow the disclaimer, both rendered as five line limericks.

(c) <year> <copyright holders>

This work ‘as-is' we provide.
No warranty, express or implied.
We've done our best,
to debug and test.
Liability for damages denied.

Permission is granted hereby,
to copy, share, and modify.
Use as is fit,
free or for profit.
On this notice these rights rely.





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