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Reply à un hoax


Reply à un hoax

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Mon frère a fait un reply au gars du fameux hoax de la banque africaine
douteuse. Et devinez quoi, et ben on lui a repondu.

Ci-bas le thread, en ordre inverse comme il se doit (le hoax en bas, le
reply plus haut, le re-reply encore plus haut...). Rien de tel que le
suivie. Je suis tenté de lui donner mon numéro de compte.


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Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2004 08:04:46 -0400
From: Lino Tremblay <lino(à)>
To: Miguel <miguel.tremblay(à)>
Subject: Fwd: Thanks

Fort hein?

From: <mmbayeh(à)>
To: Lino Tremblay <lino(à)>
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2004 05:02:20 -0700
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Subject: Thanks
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Dear Lino,

Thank you very much for your response.

Actually I decided to use this east European Email address to avoid
suspicion of any kind.. I also have my email address in the bank which
is official and it will not be proper to use that. You can understand
the nature of this transactuion and the importance that it is treated as
confidential as possible considering our respective positions in the

We can conclude this transaction in a few days from now since the
Special Forex Payment Unit appointed by President Mkapa is presently
paying from London.

Please I look forward to hearing positively from you as soon as possible

You can also contact me on my alternative email - mmbayeh(à) 


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Hello "Mr M. H. Mbaye",

        Tell me, how come you have an address from an Eastern Europe
Country when you're supposed to work for a African Bank?


At 2004-07-28 08:57, you wrote:

Dear Sir,

I am Mr M. H. Mbaye, deputy governor, vice chairman of the
Central Bank of the United Republic of Tanzania. The
suitability of your name and country was introduced to me by
a reliable friend of mine who recently visited your country
on research.. Although I did not disclose my main reason of
sourcing for someone reliable like yourself, he guaranteed
me a successful business relationship with your personality

However, there is no reason to doubt your capability in
handling this business which will grossly benefit us as long
as we abide by the mutual sharing agreement without
deviation as all trust must be imposed on you to see this
transaction through. Actually I have been working on this
transaction for the past four months and all ground work
perfected by myself.

In 1995, I was appointed as the Apex bank's deputy Governor
controlling domiciliary account opened by expatriate
nationwide, movement of their foreign funds, currencies and
funds supervision. While in this office, I have been able to
make so many friends who also lived in your country in our
bank. Actually, over the years so many have became very good
friend of mine and my family. Close to President Benjamin
William MKAPA with government contacts.

Personally I am in control of these foreign funds
collectively and I will not fail to mention to you that so
many of these foreigners and friends alike have huge funds
still left in their accounts while these accounts have been
dormant for months. By the end of this August following the
new legislation of the national assembly all such dormant
account will officially become -NO-RESPONSE-DE-CLAIMANT and
funds in those accounts paid into government coffers.. Also
the legislature passed a law allowing beneficiaries to
immediately demand and subsequent the release of their
outstanding as these inflows have really put a strangling
effect on our local currency (Tanzanian Shillings) here.

Based on this directive my office have been receiving
letters of claims and applications of foreigners, foreigners
alike, next of kin and widows as the case may be, who want
their money sent to them or their late husbands money sent
to them or their relations money sent to them. We have been
monitoring these requests and accounts as insiders quite
aware of certain accounts whose beneficiaries are late, and
for months or years as the case may be no relations
whatsoever have forwarded anything for claim as next of kin.
I am now convinced that these account owners had no near
relations and their account will be regarded as dormant by
end August 2004 and whatever funds left in the account will
be paid to government coffers if no one puts a claim as the
beneficiaries' next of kin

I have contacted you so that you will act as one of the
beneficiaries for a particular account.. I will forward the
application you will submit. When the application is
submitted I will approve same application having given you
all correct particulars as to the account. Funds will be
remitted to your nominated account within few days.
Directly, what I want you to do is to apply to the bank as a
next of kin. (all necessary mandates to the account will be
made available to you) together with a sworn affidavit from
the judiciary requesting for an immediate transfer of his
funds to a new nominated account which you will provide. As
the director in charge, I will push your request forward and
secure approval for immediate release of the funds to the
new account.

I will give you 15% of the total sum remitted. There is
nothing whatsoever to fear as I am fully in charge here and
have worked on this transaction for the past four months. It
is foolproof. as long as you are honest.

I will give you further details upon your response if you
are interested and also forward your private telephone
number so that i will call you. directly. It is important
that I call you for now. I am still in office. You may have
to visit us here in Dar es Salaam for a proper arrangement.
On the other hand if you have suggestion of a better place
funds can be kept till we meet face to face will be highly
appreciated. The Special For-ex Payment Unit appointed by
President Benjamin William MKAPA are presently paying in
London and it is important that i hear from you urgently
before they move to another destination for same purpose.

Please do furnish me with details on how to reach you
directly. Confidentiality is very important considering the
personalities involved. Final details will be made available
to you on your response. My personal email -


M H Mbaye


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