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Open Medicine, une deuxième revue scientifique médicale librement accessible au Canada

La première c'est le Canadian Medical Association Journal qui publie un message de bienvenue à la deuxième, Open Medicine.

Espérons que les publications scientifiques librement accessibles seront, un jour pas trop loin, la norme plutôt que l'exception.

Un extrait en anglais du message de bienvenue qui sonne comme de la musique à mes oreilles:

The primary mission of medical journals, the reason for their origin and the justification for their continued existence is the effective and widespread dissemination of medical knowledge, particularly that which is new, important, timely or controversial. It should be obvious that barriers to access, financial or otherwise, directly contradict this mission and impair the basic function of a journal. It therefore seems paradoxical that most of the world’s journals, particularly those that historically have had the greatest impact on the biomedical community, continue to feel that their mission is best served by hiding their content behind password-protected firewalls.

et plus encore

In the modern area, when access to medical information routinely occurs using 21st-century technology, it seems grotesquely inappropriate for journals to publish this information with attitudes and operational models that originated in the 19th century.

Cette dernière phrase est véridique pour tous les domaines de la science dont les publications conservent le format papier comme gabarit. Ça me rappelle curieusement un ancien billet