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From Los Angeles to Chicoutimi - A bike ride for the Canadian Mental Health Assocation (CMHA)

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Lino Tremblay in Ville de La Baie, Quebec

From May 21st on, I'll go from Los Angeles (California) to Chicoutimi (Quebec) on my bike, a 6000 km (3800 miles) ride. I've made many bike trips, but this one has a special meaning to me: for the first time, I will ride to promote a cause. Be generous, all funds will be donated to CMHA!


My message

We're often told about the positive effects of sport and exercise on physical health, but seldom about their impact on mental health. This is surprising, because a good workout, a bike ride or even a short walk are very efficient ways to treat stress, depression and anxiety. And there’s no undesirable side effects!

I could talk all day long about it, but CMHA explain it better (and with less words!) than I ever will on its Get physical page.


Founded in 1918, the Canadian Mental Health Association is one of the oldest voluntary organizations in Canada. I choosed to raise funds for CMHA because I'm interested in its cause, of course, but also because it’s addressing many aspects of mental health. Finally, CMHA has offices all over Canada.

The itinerary

Stage 1: Los Angeles to Denver (2000 km / 1250 miles )

States visited: California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado.

Trajet Los-Angeles à Denver
See details in Google Maps

After seing the canyons in Utah, one of the moments I'm looking forward the most is climbing mount Evans, where is located the highest paved road in North America (4306 m).

Stage 2: Denver to Des Moines

Stage 3: Des Moines to Cincinnati

Some questions people are asking me

Is your mood low when it’s raining hard and there’s a big headwind?
Of course, but I've made enough trips to tell exactly when my mood is weakening. Fortunately, I also know clouds will eventually run out of water, that wind will change direction - and my mood with it!

Why the USA? You're Canadian and Canada is such a beautiful country!
Indeed, Canada is a nice country, but my bike has already visited all Canadian provinces. When you're traveling by bike, you spend a lot of time looking at landscapes, and that’s why I choose new destinations each time.

How heavy is your bike, with all your gear?
Somewhere between 75 and 80 pounds (while my road bike weighs less than 20 pounds). Actually, it depends on how much beer I'm carrying.

What’s your average speed?
If everything goes as planned, my average speed at the end of this trip should be around 21 kmph (13 mph). It’s slow, but I'm riding far because I'm riding long, not because I'm riding fast.

Does it hurt?
I have a comfortable bike, I've worked a lot on my position on it, and I have good shorts (and a couple other secrets), but it’s only a matter of time before pain catch me up. One thing I learned on my trips is to manage pain.

How many calories are you burning on the bike every day?
Around 6000 (24 donuts or 11 Big Macs). Unfortunately, I need to eat as much.

Are you visiting a bit?
Yes, I spend all my days looking at magnificent landscapes, I visit at least four convenience stores every day, and I'm happy like that. I'm not really interested by big cities.


I'd like to thank (in no particular order):

  • Branka Gudelj and Paige Vieyra (CMHA National)
  • Miguel Tremblay and ptaff.ca (for this website)
  • David and all his team at Gendron Bicycles (for preparing my bike)
  • Johanne Belley (for allowing me to be away from work more than I should)
  • Jérôme Tremblay (for the pictures and his support)
  • Matthew Cazalas (for his advices on where I should go)
  • And of course, all my sponsors!
  • Contact me

    You can contact me at oukerz@hotmail.com. I can't promise I'll reply the same day, though!

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