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Audiochromy is a dual of Norman McLaren's Synchromy movie. Keeping the perfect synchronism of sound and image, the premise of Synchromy is reversed: the images reflect the soundtrack.

Audiochromy explores many ways to fill the Peace Park projection surface; its constraints are morphed into creative and structural visual space elements.

First by the element shapes, sometimes rectangular, sometimes mosaic, sometimes arabesque; then by movement, discrete, linear or curved (hinting at McLaren's progression in his movie series Lines: Vertical, Lines: Horizontal and Mosaic); then by color.

Using a handcrafted method, those elements map sounds. Audiochromy experiments with visual combinations, reinterprets sonic elements, keeping the viewer experience moving.

Synchromy is quoted half-way into Audiochromy, at which point the original schema is back: the images create the sounds. This interlude brings the viewer back to the movie's roots.

Just like those used by McLaren, Audiochromy's creation tools can be deconstructed; the basic building blocks as a rule were chosen to be morphable and were pushed to their limits, making it possible to experiment with novel combinations. The movie was entirely produced using free software, allowing pure freedom in the digital realm, refusing any restriction. This gives another affordable answer to the means and context of production, just like in McLaren's case.

Finally, as in many McLaren movies, like Blinkity Blank, the Audiochromy experience leaves the viewer with a smile, and we hope, joy. That may be the essential aspect of the movie.



Creation : November 11th, 2015
N 45° 33′ W 73° 36′


Last update : November 11th, 2015,
N 45° 33′ W 73° 36′