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History & Geography

Where do we come from? where do we go? where are we? Any page regarding this quest is here.

Sunrise and sunset, all year long, anywhere

Graphs of sunrise/sunset and time of light for any place in the world.


Al-Shifa, a demonstration of a chirurgical strike

Pictures witness the case of the pharmaceutical factory in Al-Shifa, Sudan, bombed by Tomahawk missiles launched thousand of kilometers away.


Discover Montreal through its fireworks!

A review from ten locations, by ten contributors, for the ten Montreal fireworks from 2004.


To what country, but mostly what continent, corresponds each of the top-level domains?

Reference charts, divided by continent, for domain name suffixes.


ptaff.ca :: History & Geography

Creation : January 30th, 2006
N 45° 33′ W 73° 36′

ptaff.ca :: History & Geography

Last update : February 1st, 2006,
N 45° 33′ W 73° 36′