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Natural Sciences & Mathematics

Study of nature and its workings, under the web page format. Mathematics, the underlying language used to describe these, is put next, to avoid boredom.

What a weird similarity!

An hypothesis to explain the origins of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation logo.


The ridiculous got a temperature

Description of two popular weather units; their uselessness and absurdity demonstrated by way of mathematics.


1,696 lightnings, the movie

Short meteorological clip presenting the August 1st, 2006 thunderstorm in the Montreal area.


Canadian weather records

Charts and tables showing the canadian climate; records and averages all-year round


Quebec a particular case?

Evaluation of the influence of climate on the Quebec and surrounding areas road state.


ptaff.ca :: Natural Sciences & Mathematics

Creation : January 30th, 2006
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ptaff.ca :: Natural Sciences & Mathematics

Last update : February 1st, 2006,
N 45° 33′ W 73° 36′