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Tympanum Indulgences

11 temps

(Levesque, 1998)

Based on a little 11/4 pattern that I'd worked on guitar, this piece took expansion to become as self-indulgent as possible. Before you blame me, yes, there are a couple of 12/8 measures in the middle of the piece, don't panic. (1:49)

Em B7 Cdim

(Levesque, 1998)

A simple arpegiated piano theme, switching between two tonalities. A straightforward 4/4, with an overactive flutist. (0:28)

F Am Dm F Am

(Levesque, 1998)

All interest is in the bass alternating between C and F - the title should be read as "F Am/C Dm/F F/C Am"; but harder to pronounce! Even if syncopated at the end, a 4/4. (1:33)


(Levesque/Michalowski, 2001)

A couple of lines hummed by one of my heroes, again one of these melodies that posess your head, in a 10/8 rhythm to make it even more teasing. A combat is happening in these measures, watch out of the lost bullets! (0:59)


(Levesque/Michalowski, 2001)

Answering machine episode - I get a melody as a message. An honorable theme in 9/4. I work it out a little, our correspondant adds, suggests, and after a couple of days we get to a solid foundation. Or? (1:43)


(Levesque, 2002)

While a lovely girl was sleeping, suffering from labyrinthithis and myself unable to shut an eye, I wrote this piano piece for three hands - in 5/4 - without any instrument in my reach. (0:51)


(Levesque, 2002)

Three 7/4 themes united, each one of them invented for itself on a three year period. A lot of key switches to expect! (2:07)


(Levesque, 1997)

A snippet written while waiting for my matrix, while living with 4 other persons. A 4/4 throughout, in C minor for the "verses" and A major for the "refrains". All my kitsch soul was involved! (1:22)


(Levesque, 1997)

Three parts. The first, obviously inspired by a McCartney piece, with its altered second chords. A second part, an E minor arpeggio that brought a resolute sadness. The third part appeared to me the morning after an intoxicated evening. I think that it's a great spicy 4/4. What about you? (1:34)

Poutine McDo

(Levesque, 1999)

An essay on two similar rhythms played together. The sound reminds me of my childhood elevators. A good old 4/4. (0:33)

Propre Et Sec

(Levesque, 1999)

A little piano piace mainly in triolets. An almost perfect 4/4. (0:24)

Ptaff Symphony #1

(Levesque, 1996)

Serious tune and G harmonic minor scale are at the meeting. A relatively coherent string arrangement. 4/4. (1:38)

Ptaff Symphony #2

(Levesque, 1999)

First serious arrangement experiment; mainly written on piano, with pencil and music paper, the piece starts on a 5/4 arpeggio before evolving into a 3/4 development. Sorry that it fades as the tubas get into action... (1:14)


(Levesque/Hexil, 1994)

And old piece that originally was written as a rythmic essay. In this 4/4 piece, a 2/4 measure would appear sometimes. Written on my parents' piano. (2:41)

Salsa 13

(Levesque, 2002)

After peeking in a salsa music fakebook, studying the 4 and 6 time rhythms and the multiple harmonic alterations, I aimed to write a 13/8 salsa. As simple as on radio. (0:44)

Sève bass

(Levesque, 2001)

Wanting to play a majestic and syncopated rhythm on the guitar, some 7/4 measures fell into my hand, harmonically irresolved. An interesting chromatic chord sucession (Db7sus4, C7, Bm7) later, the mixture became clear: it misses only you. (0:55)

MIDI Compositions

Creation : January 20th, 2002
N 45° 33′ W 73° 36′

MIDI Compositions

Last update : August 27th, 2004,
N 45° 33′ W 73° 36′