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Computing & Generalities

Shouldn't computer science, now a topic so large and multifold, be joined to "Generalities"? In this section, find our computer science pages and unsortables - under the "Generalities" hat.

A computer for the children?

Evaluation of the military potential of the XO-1 laptop distributed by the OLPC project.


Sunrise/sunset hours, all year long

GPL-distributed Python software that draws sunrise, sunset and daylight graphs.


Sort your photographs

Renames or copies JPEG files according to Exif data embedded in them


Concatenate MIDI files

Perl software distributed under the GPL that does simple transformations on MIDI files.


Missing some space on the bottom of your browser?

GPL-distributed Mozilla Firefox extension that creates a second statusbar.


Columns filled with numbers turned into images

ECMAScript (Javascript) library, distributed under the GPL license, that creates charts from (x)HTML tables.


Your mailing lists available through the web

GPL-distributed PHP software which transforms mailing list archives to W3C-compliant web pages.


Friend users of Internet Explorer, get here :

Shopping for a web browser instead of using Internet Explorer.


Give your browser extra power

Shortcuts for internet web searches.


An advantageous alternative to proprietary audio formats

History, development and advantages of the Ogg Vorbis audio format.


A flexible, optimized and free image format

History, advantages and usage contexts of the PNG image format.


Ambitious about your image scale? Try the SVG format

History, development and advantages of the SVG format.


How to cleanly join the new web

Tips and pitfalls on migrating from HTML to XHTML from the angle of current browsers.


What's missing from the internet

A deep search-engine digging experience.


Three types of blog

Four-step analysis of Quebec's blog scene.


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