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Arts & Leisure

How to invest spare time? Where are music and radio talked about? Here!

Looking for a freedom icon?

Show your feelings about free software and its community.


The musical biography of a cult-band from the nineties

The biography, scores, albums of Hexil; even recent pictures of this musical ensemble.



A couple of MIDI pieces and studies.


Images carved by sounds

A dual of Norman McLaren's Sychromy movie


Discover Montreal through its radio!

List of radio stations broadcasting in the Montreal region, associated with hyperlinks to listen to them online.


Discover Montreal through its theatre!

Montreal theatres, their addresses and shortcuts to their current plays.


Thirteen cards and 635,013,559,600 possibilities

Scoring tables, bidding system and memory cards for the game of bridge.


How to make both brain hemispheres work with 52 cards

Rules and interpretation of a card game in which rules are created by its players.


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