Villeray, april 2004

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By inventing writing, the human race begins its quest to propagate its ideas through time.

By inventing internet, this transmission transcends both time and space.

Our part of this revolution is through

"ptaff" and origins

Discovery of the "ptaff" term happened in 1990; borrowed from physicist André Rousseau's mind, it acknowledges creativity as a reasoning building brick. Used as a pseudonym by the edimaster since 1992, "ptaff" was brought online around year 2000 as a first web site,, before turning into in 2002 and then to in 2003.

The ".ca" top-level domain was picked not only because it states in a straightforward way the country of origin for the website, it also promises a certain quality level, as the administration and politics of the domain management must conform to the Canadian Internet Registration Authority. This implies that this website is bound by the canadian laws.

The "ptaff" word is pronounced [ptaf], as in "pterodactyl". project's aims

Each document added to is rigorously worked on, to offer you a unique texture, an original content and a memorable visit. The documents hosted on are not bound together by any theme, except this excellence promise.

Accessibility at your browser's edge

Welcome to all, really! A jealous care is put to the's documents structures to guarantee a great accessibility level, allowing not merely the majority but everyone to peruse its pages without letting a single idea slip by. There is no proprietary software requirements to browse the documents.

A free documentation

A great number of pages part of the domain website are distributed under the GNU Free Documentation License. This small print on pages' footers grants permission to copy in whole or in part these documents, for any purpose. The tools used for's creation being distributed under a similar licence, this is only loyalty - costing nothing and valuable to all. contributors invites authors to join its ranks; all that is needed is an original idea and an appetite for well-made work. No need for web publication expertise as has internal resources for web formatting and deployment. Because is primarily a french language domain, each of its documents must have a french version - we can help for that, too.

You master languages other than french and english? Write to the direction if you want to help by translating documents. We'll offer you the tools and a big thanks.

Project details

The domain was officially born on january 22th, 2003 and is hosted on a GNU/Linux machine. The number of unique visitors for the whole website grows since january 2004 at the average rate of 15% per month (july 2006 data). sticks to the typographical rules of the Office québécois de la langue française (for its french pages) and to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) recommendations.


As a means of privacy protection for its visitors, implements the P3P rules. Here are listed all the informations gathered by for every visitor:

  • Hour and date of each request to the domain;
  • URI of each consulted page on the domain;
  • IP address lent by your internet service provider;
  • (*) Names and versions of your operating system and web browser;
  • (*) Visited page preceding each request to the domain.

Each entry prefixed with a star (*) can be configured in the browser used to explore the domain.

If for practical reasons other informations should be kept about a visitor, those will only be used for their explicit ends; no spam will be ever sent, and no e-mail address will be sold, shared, exchanged or mimed. Every bit of information not part of the list above shall be destroyed as soon as possible, as a means of protection for both the visitor and

How to join us

All correspondance can be pursued using this form. manifesto

Creation : April 25th, 2004
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