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One of the two original founders of, Patrice Levesque I present myself, Wayne A. Ptaff for the intimate and the unknown. Mainly on the site's technical side, the edimaster title fits me well - just like "idemaster" suits Miguel, invaluable partner of this great adventure called A faithful recruit of the free software movement, my life is lived through GNU/Linux and I am proud of it.

The free movement - desired though inevitable child of the internet - does not grow by itself so I work on it because I believe in it; therefore I think that I might spend a bit too much time in front of a computer.

Don't be suprised if you get an E-mail from me with a suspect attachment; I sign all my mails and their authenticity can be verified with my public key. Those who want more details can parse by Curriculum Vitae or even some branches of my genealogy tree.

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I also maintain a picture gallery as well as a list of comments I submitted through the years on the web; the comments hosted on are kept in their respective sections (ptafflist [French], ptaffgnu [French], hors des lieux communs [French]).

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